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Hello, adventurous educators! Whether you’re considering the sun-soaked landscapes of Australia, the charming culture of the UK, or the picturesque beauty of New Zealand, Prospero Teaching International is here to support you on your teaching adventure. 

Our team understands that the decision to teach abroad is not just a career move but a life-changing experience, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Discovering the Land Down Under: Living and Teaching in Australia

Australia, with its diverse landscapes and vibrant cities, is a dream destination for many teachers. Our guide provides comprehensive information on various visas, teaching opportunities, and essential aspects of daily life.

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teach in australia

What’s included:

Considering Visa Options:

  • Working Holiday Visa: Perfect for those seeking a short-term teaching adventure.
  • Partner Visa: Ideal for teachers relocating with their partners.
  • Sponsored Visa: Explore opportunities with the support of a sponsoring employer.

Teaching in Australia:

  • Essentials to Teach: Understand the requirements for the schools we work with in your chosen destination.
  • State-Specific Registrations: Navigate the registration process in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, and the Northern Territory.

Life Administration:

  • Banking: Learn about opening bank accounts in Australia.
  • Accommodation: Access resources to find your new home.
  • Health Insurance: Ensure you’re covered for your time down under.

Teaching in Australia:

  • 12 Steps to Securing a Position: A step-by-step guide to landing your dream teaching job.

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Living and Working in the United Kingdom

If you fancy the rich history and multicultural vibes of the UK, our guide offers insights into the different regions, visa requirements, and the life admin you’ll need to tackle.

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teaching jobs uk

What’s included:

Before You Get a Job:

  • VISA Requirements: Explore visa options and right-to-work requirements.
  • QTS (Qualified Teacher Status): Understand the qualifications needed to teach in the UK.
  • Life Admin (Utility Bills, Healthcare, etc.): Get a grasp on the essentials.

After You’ve Secured a Role:

  • National Insurance Number: Essential for your financial matters.
  • Useful Resources: Handy tips to navigate your new life in the UK.

Kiwi Adventure Awaits: Living and Teaching in New Zealand

For those seeking the tranquil beauty of New Zealand, our guide covers everything from visa processes to the unique culture and lifestyle.

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Teach abroad in New Zealand

What’s included:

Before and After You Get a Job:

  • Overseas Police Clearance: A crucial step in securing a teaching position.
  • NZ Curriculum: Familiarize yourself with the educational framework.

Life in New Zealand:

  • Banking, Healthcare, and Housing: Navigate the practical aspects of life in New Zealand.
  • Useful Sites and Resources: Stay connected and informed about your new surroundings.

Prospero’s Support Every Step of the Way

Can’t decide which destination suits you best? No worries! Prospero Teaching International is committed to supporting you throughout your decision-making process, providing relocation advice, and offering social and training opportunities during your teaching journey.

So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable teaching adventure? Let Prospero Teaching International be your guide as you take your career in education abroad!

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